Here is Raywat Deonandan's horoscope, recorded on his birthday, courtesy of Astrocenter:

Dear Ray, here is your Horoscope for August 12, 2002

Today you could feel like your psychic abilities are kicking in, Ray. You'll be able to sniff certain things in the air! You have always had good instincts, and today your intuition could be especially strong. Maybe you will get an idea for a great business plan. Or you could come up with the outline for a novel or screenplay. Whatever ideas pop into your head, take note of them today!

Dear Ray, here is your Weekly Horoscope for Aug 12 to 18

You continue to find many ways to reach out and spread your sunshine and happiness. Your energy levels are high, and you have so much to give, and so much that you really want to share with others. This is your time, and you will find many opportunities to become involved in some very exciting and creative projects. Your love life will also have picked up, or at least it soon will do. By now the thaw will have already arrived, and hearts that seemed distant or closed to you, have opened, and affection blossomed anew. Although your time may be in short supply, as you have so many things that need your attention, your relationships seem to be going through a much more positive phase, and you can continue to build on this. But be careful as far as discussing a plan or project is concerned, especially if it is associated with your career or any moneymaking ideas. Mercury moves to square Pluto, and this indicates that you may come across conflicting ideas that seem to put obstacles in the way of progress, such as a person or a set of rules. Many of the coming days could be spent resolving this so you can move ahead in confidence next week.

What can you expect within the next year?

With the Sun back in Leo, all you Lions can once again begin to roar. You are going to have much more of all those things you adore – fun, attention, romance – because from the beginning of August, generous Jupiter enters your sign. This helpful planet will increase your desire to make your mark on the world. If you have been planning to make major changes, now is the time to stop thinking and start doing! Partnership issues that have been lingering on should be resolved this year and by next spring those of you who are single could have found your soul-mate. You are known for the dramatic flourish that accompanies all your actions and this year you are even more so. However, from June onwards you may feel a little more serious about life – whatever your age you may become a little more “grown up”. Those of you that are single and looking for love the best times in your birthday year are January, March and May. This year is also brilliant if you want to go back to college or start your own business. Make the most of it!