Here is Raywat Deonandan's horoscope, recorded on his birthday in the year 2003, courtesy of Astrocenter:

Dear Ray, here is your Horoscope for August 12, 2003

You should be in a good mood, Ray, ready to tackle almost anything. At work, your high energy could come in handy, because there could be lots of interruptions and surprise deadlines that come your way. You'll need that stamina and determination to get everything finished in time. Don't work late, though, because you'll want to make time for relaxation and play in the evening.

Ray's Weekly Horoscope for Aug 11 to 17

You continue to be in top form this week as Venus, the Sun, and Jupiter move through your sign. No matter what seems to be happening in other areas of your life, you are proving just what a live wire you are. There is also the Full Moon in your opposite sign of Aquarius, and this may bring some surprises in terms of a partnership or relationship, especially if you have been having problems lately. The Full Moon has a tendency to bring things to a head and to allow repressed emotion to spill out, so be warned. Venus in your sign aspects Pluto - which is a very intense combination. It may be that you decide to kiss and make up after a recent quarrel, but as Mercury also squares Pluto, don't get into worse trouble, as there has to be a little give and take in this process. Saturn continues to move through Cancer and is aspected by Mars, which suggests that you do need to take more care than normal when it comes to your financial arrangements. This is not a time to rush into any kind of decision, or to expect any major changes to happen overnight. A lot of things are happening beneath the surface, so carry on as you are until you get a sense of clarity.

Heck, why not the whole fricking month?

There is nothing but sunshine for you, dear Leo, as August begins. Wonderful energies abound in your solar domain, bringing romance, personal prosperity, and opportunities to put your individual stamp on everything you do. Your naturally outgoing nature is likely to attract others to you. Your ego-energies will be pretty strong, but Venus' gentle prodding will help you be sensitive to others. Be careful about the way that you deal with your resources, especially where investments and joint finances are concerned. Investigate "get-rich-quick" schemes thoroughly before you commit yourself. It is possible that a lucky turn of events could have wonderful results now. However, carelessness could inspire problems down the road. Use your best judgment. The easy way is not always the best way. Excellent energies for most of the month between Mars and Saturn indicate that your diligent efforts and consistent hard work will be rewarded. Plan an adventure for yourself, or your family, mid-month when travel is likely to be exciting and fun. Parties and family celebrations may be wonderful around August 22, when the Sun, Venus and Jupiter combine in Leo. You may need to get down to business the following week as they move into Virgo, where the New Moon on August 27 begins a period of practical activities. Welcome the opportunity to revise your budget or deal with matters that relate to your work, or security. When Mercury turns retrograde at the end of the month, a detail that you have overlooked could come back to haunt you.

Here is Raywat Deonandan's astrological forecast for the rest of the year, courtesy of

You will be drawn toward creative projects this year. You will have a way of putting the people you deal with at ease, making them feel important and productive. Be discerning when you are exposed to new and exciting endeavors this year.