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Last updated Mar 31, 2013
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I started writing fiction at a very young age, and have been very fortunate to have achieved a small bit of recognition for my work. I'm proud to list the following honours that have been awarded to my fiction:

In 1996, much to my surprise, my short story, "Motherland", was used by the Mississauga Board of Education as an anti-racism education tool. I've since learned that my books and stories are being taught in a variety if University classes. The following is a list of the ones of which I'm aware. If you know of other Universities using my books or stories in their curricula, please let me know.

Arts funding is never great at the best of times. I've been lucky to have received the following literary grants:

I've been proud to give back to the community where I can, most visibly by judging Arts and Writing competitions, such as:

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Divine Elemental, TSAR Publications (Toronto, 2003, ISBN: 1894770080)

Sweet Like Saltwater, TSAR Publications (Toronto, 1999, ISBN: 0920661777)

Destroyer of Worlds, yet unfinished

Folktales of Ancient India, yet unpublished

Short Stories

While I am enormously proud of both my novel and my body of non-fiction work, I consider myself to be primarily a short story writer. The short story as a viable form could not exist in the modern world without the help of literary magazines. I'm proud to list some of the magazines that have been gracious enough to have published my works:

  • Pagitica (Toronto, Ontario)
  • Writ (Toronto, Ontario)
  • Authors (Medicine Hat, Alberta)
  • Descant (Toronto, Ontario)
  • Phlogiston (Wellington, New Zealand)
  • Wasafiri (London, England)
  • Hart House Review (Toronto, Ontario)
  • Green's Magazine (Saskatoon, Saskatchewan)
  • The Grammateion (Toronto, Ontario)
  • The Harpweaver (St. Catharine's, Ontario)
  • Printed Matter (Tokyo, Japan)
  • India Currents (San Jose, California)
  • The World of English (Beijing, China)


Deonandan's short story, "King Rice" appears in The Bowling Was Superfine, (Peepal Tree Books, 2012, ISBN:9781845230548).

Deonandan's short story, "Lords of Izzat" appears in Beyond Sangre Grande, (TSAR Books, 2011, ISBN:9781894770668).

Deonandan's short story, "Midnight Shift" appears in Toronto Noir, (Akashic Books, 2008, ISBN-13: 978-1-933354-50-7).

Deonandan's short story "Destroyer of Worlds" appears in Desilicious, Arsenal Pulp Press (Toronto, 2003, ISBN: 1551521547 ), a collection of South Asian erotic literature.

Deonandan's short story "Motherland" appears in Bolo!Bolo! The Kitchen Table Collective, (Toronto, 2000), a collection of writings by second generation South Asians living in North America.

Deonandan's short story "Far From Family" appears in Jahaji, TSAR Books (Toronto, 2000, ISBN: 0920661882), an anthology of Indo-Caribbean literature. Reviews are available here and here.

Deonandan's short story "The Reef" appears in North of Infinity, Mosaic Press (Toronto, 1998, ISBN: 0889626340), an anthology of Canadian science-fiction.