Well, what to say here? Since 1990, I've run an email-based joke service, a trend that has certainly caught on around the world. I was once even interviewed by a USC doctoral student for her thesis on the origins of humour. Heh heh. Pretty slick, eh?

If I ever get off my lazy ass, I'll start keeping a repository of used jokes online. Until then, if you do a web search for my name, you'll probably find some of the older jokes I've edited being stored in other peoples' databases around the world. No, I don't write the majority of the jokes... I just edit them to make them triter, punchier, and to remove extraneous slurs ("isms") where such content is unimportant to the humour.

If you'd like to be added to the joke list, just send an email to me. Be warned: you get what you pay for.