Yeah, this is me.

Since I was 19 (in 1986), I've been a keen student of a variety of martial arts, most notably Shotokan Karate, in which I hold a black belt from the University of Toronto karate club, through the incomparable tutelage of Master Suenori Tominaga, who himself was trained by both Minoru Miyata and Osamu Yamada. (Here is another link about the history of Shotokan.) Mine was the last black belt granted to a student of our dojo directly by Grandmaster Yamada in 1995. I also trained extensively for 5 years in a version of Washin-Ryu karate under the lineage of Master Hidy Ochiai.

And I've dabbled in:

For over 20 years, I've also been a quiet student of yoga, which is historically linked to Oriental martial arts. But to be frank, I really don't enjoy going to classes anymore due to the overall flakiness that has infected the "yoga industry".

Of course, due to my many injuries and general cowardice, I no longer train in any of these. In fact, nowadays, my entire workout consists of what used to be my warm-up. Sigh.


My latest obsession is learning how to play the sitar, the grand and magical stringed instrument of Indian classical music. I'm still a clueless beginner, but I'm quite excited about this new activity. My teacher is the charming and talented Mr. Anwar Khurshid of the Sitar School of Toronto (even though my classes are in Ottawa). The former guru of our school is the famed Ustad Shahid Parvez who is considered by many to be the finest sitar player in the world. I'm proud to have received lessons from both of these great men, which I suppose makes me of the Etawa Gharana. More information about the playing of the sitar can be found at