Anokhi Vibe Magazine
Summer, 2003
page 16

by Preeti Thandi

What does it mean to you to be South Asian?

Monika Deol

Akshay Kumar

Neeta Lulla

Karan Johar

Herb Dhaliwal

Ritu Beri

Saif Ali Khan

Chayton Arvin

Benny Matthews

Raywat Deonandan


To me, it means being connected to a grand complex civilization with at least the suggestion of ancient wisdom. It also means being a part of a global diasporic community that is at once a pillar of the mainstream and something apart. As someone who spends most of his time separate from those who look like me, being South Asian means being a member of a racial/cultural club whose members --at their best-- embody a tradition of family, erudition, intellect, mysticism, art and physical beauty. There is a currency of identity to be wrought from a South Asian heritage, the true value of which is yet to be fully realized.

Bally Sagoo

Purva Bedi

Dr. Sanjay Gupta

Jessy Randhwana

Suhana Meharchand